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The Potter's House Pottery

Beginner Wheel Experience 4 hours over 2 sessions CLS

Beginner Wheel Experience 4 hours over 2 sessions CLS

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Please Note this class is 16 years & over

The Potter’s House is a great place to start your clay journey.  We offer a wide range of clay experience workshops, and try to tailor to the individual. You can join an advertised group or if there are four of you, book your own session.

Working with clay has amazing benefits, great for body, mind and soul.  We encourage you to work at your own pace and to develop your own style and creativity.  We offer hand building with slab and coiling clay, and throwing sessions on electric wheels.

Stage 1 Beginner  ( 4 hours over two sessions)

Session 1

Make several small pots and learn the basics.


You will learn how to centre clay, open, widen and pull into a pot.

Usually making a few pots. 

Leave them with us to dry and be fired from greenware to bisque.

The drying and firing will take four weeks

Session 2

(this session will be on the same day as session 1  four weeks later. This date cannot be any sooner, due to the drying and firing time of clay). 

Once fired your pots are ready for decoration, in this session once instruction is given

you decorate your fired pots as you wish.  Leaving them with us to clear glaze and fire for the final glaze firing.  Ready for collection in a week.

Suitable for those who really want to explore ceramics.

Includes demos tutoring, materials  & firing.

12 years +                                                                                        


Please have Short finger nails as they snag on the clay



Booking requires payment in advance.

Cancellation or rescheduling with one week prior to the session is feasible and refundable.

Cancellation less than 7 days before the session will not be refunded.

Nonattendance is not refunded and late arrival will not mean extended time at the end.

The session will start and finish on time.

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