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White Crank 1220-1300C ONILNE EXCLUSIVE

White Crank 1220-1300C ONILNE EXCLUSIVE

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White Crank 1220-1300C White Crank 156-0630

Recommended firing range 1220-1300C Indicative texture 6 (Smooth 1-Coarse 10). Based on a blend of ball clay and china clay to which graded molochite grogs are added. Excellent for the production of large forms, slabs and tiles Can be fired to stoneware as well as used for raku.

White-firing Standard full bag size 12.5Kg

Please note our clay is sold by approximate weight. Your total order weight for a specific clay body will be despatched in the most economic combination of packs possible. If you require individual packs of a specific size, please state this in the Special Instructions during checkout.  Credit to: Izzy Letty [back to top]

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