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Mayco Stoneware Crystal Glazes 112ml Availalble In Store CLY

Mayco Stoneware Crystal Glazes 112ml Availalble In Store CLY

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Mayco’s Stoneware Crystal glazes are a unique line of glazes that contain colourful crystals in the glazes themselves that are designed to melt and bloom during the firing. These crystals add variation in colour, finish, and movement to the glazes that you already know and love! All of our Stoneware Crystal glazes begin with a base glaze; most of the base glazes can be found in our other Stoneware Glaze lines. You can find the information about the base glazes of all our Stoneware Crystal glazes on the label.

For fast glazing and flowing effects, we recommend using Mayco’s Stoneware Crystals Dry mix glazes (SDs). Due to the crystals settling to the bottom, we recommend mixing thoroughly and pouring the mixed glazes onto your piece with a pour container or pitcher. Over application in the same area may cause crystals to fall off.

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