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Mayco Stoneware Brush-On Glaze: Clear ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Mayco Stoneware Brush-On Glaze: Clear ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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Mayco’s SW001 Stoneware Clear cone 6 clear glaze adds a brilliantly clear, smooth gloss finish to your work. Perfect for stoneware and porcelain bodies, one to two brushing coats is all that is needed. Works well from cone 5/6 up to cone 10.

Mayco's Stoneware glazes are formulated to be friendly to the user in application and firing.

  • Non-toxic
  • Designed to fire to cone 6 (approx. 1230C)
  • Successfully used at cone 10, oxidation or reduction
  • Glazes will move to create interest and visual appeal without running off your ware and ruining your kiln shelves
  • They work well with each and other Mayco glazes, providing endless opportunities to combine and layer to create intriguing visual effects
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