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Mayco Stoneware Brush-On Glaze: Alabaster 473ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Mayco Stoneware Brush-On Glaze: Alabaster 473ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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  • Cone 6: Alabaster is a semi-opaque white soft matte glaze that breaks over texture.
  • Cone 10: Colour darkens to variegated light grey/purple.
  • When using this glaze, you will be able to pick up the characteristics of the clay body due to it’s white semi opaque finish. Combos really well with 2 coats of stroke and coat on top. It has a satin finish. If you like combos with Sea Salt, you will get similar results with Alabaster minus the crystals.

Stoneware matte glazes range from solid shades to those that create interesting colour variations as they move and break. Application thickness is the key to making mattes work for you.

Note: Due to the discontinuation of the AmTalc 98, Mayco have had to reformulate SW-106 Alabaster, SW-118 Sea Salt, SW153 Indigo Rain, and SW-155 Winter Wood. Users will notice a shift in the wet glazes (from grey to buff) and a slight shift in the fired colour result.  Please note that the fired result is dependent on firing temperature, atmospheric conditions of the kiln, application, and underlying clay body. The crystal loading has not changed. See below for the wet glaze color comparison of SW-106 Alabaster and the comparison of fired results on chips. Please see this link for more information (link to Mayco's website)

Liquid Colour Change Old and New

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