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Industrial Crank 1210-1300C ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Industrial Crank 1210-1300C ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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Industrial Crank 1210-1300C Industrial Crank 153-1153 Recommended Firing Range 1210-1300C Indicative texture 8 (Smooth 1-Coarse 10) Suitable for large sculptural work, slabbing, saggars and raku.

Very refractory open texture and low shrinkage. Less plastic than Original Craft Crank 153-1114, but maintains performance in larger forms and at high temperatures. Good warp resistance Fires to a warm buff

Standard full bag size 12.5Kg

Please note our clay is sold by approximate weight. Your total order weight for a specific clay body will be despatched in the most economic combination of packs possible. If you require individual packs of a specific size, please state this in the Special Instructions during checkout.  

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