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Botz Unidekor: Basaltgrau (Basalt Grey) 30ml ONLINE EXLUSIVE

Botz Unidekor: Basaltgrau (Basalt Grey) 30ml ONLINE EXLUSIVE

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Botz Unidekor: Basaltgrau (Basalt Grey) 30ml 4011 - Basaltgrau - Grey  

Ceramic colour for decoration in the firing range 1000-1250°C

Can be used universally as Underglaze-, On-glaze- or In-glaze colour 4003, 4005, 4015 lose colour intensity from 1100°C on UNIDEKOR can be mixed with each other along the colour wheel Great pastel colours with 4009 White For In-glaze technique glaze+paint (Application on unfired glaze) also matt BOTZ glazes e. g. series 9108, 9107, 9487-9491 und 9612 work very well Underglaze technique: overglaze the Unidekor thinly with BOTZ 9106  (recommended)  Undiluted also suitable for airbrush technique.

Can be used for marbling technique on watered or fired clay/biscuit if diluted slightly.

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