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Botz Glimmer: Red Glimmer 200ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Botz Glimmer: Red Glimmer 200ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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BOTZ Glimmer 900–1060°C | New generation easy-to-use brush-on glazes offering even more design options for sealing of vessels as sinter engobe for brilliant decorative effects. Stir the glimmer glaze thoroughly and apply the first coat onto biscuit ware with a brush. Ideally, ware should have been biscuit fired at more than 1000°C in order to avoid bubbles in the glaze. When the glaze is dry, apply another coat and if necessary a third (depending on how thick the individual coats are). After the glaze has dried completely, the special glimmer effect is achieved by wiping the surface with a slightly damp cloth which exposes the glimmer particles. Ideally, move the cloth in circles exerting slight pressure. Glimmers can be fired between 900-1060°C but the sparkle is especially beautiful at 900°C. The colours of most glazes, however, are at their most intense at 1040°C. Particularly brilliant colours are achieved by overglazing using Transparent (e.g. BOTZ 29106). Dependent on the weight of the object, it can usually be glazed all over and fired without using stilts. BOTZ Glimmer is available in 200ml and 800ml jars ready for use.

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