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Botz Stoneware Brush-On Glaze: Lilac Speckle 200ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Botz Stoneware Brush-On Glaze: Lilac Speckle 200ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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BOTZ Steinzeug 1220°–1280°C | Botz stoneware glazes are available in jars of 200 ml and 800 ml – ready to use. Besides their great handling characteristics, BOTZ stoneware glazes offer a particularly wide variety of colours and designs. Varying firing temperatures between 1220°C, 1250°and 1280°C can give some of the glazes a completely different look. The effects in general are exaggerated in the higher temperature range. For some glazes, a slightly uneven application may lead to even more vivid effects. Matt glazes will become most attractive from 1250°C onwards. Unless indicated otherwise, the pictured stoneware samples have been fired at 1250°C with a 30 min soak. Thoroughly stir the glaze and apply non-diluted in 2 to 3 generous coats using a brush, they will not run. The ideal firing temperature is around 1250°C, with a 30-minute soak. Do not glaze all over and don’t place glazed objects on stilts. Due to their sealing qualities and high resistance against chemical or mechanical “attacks”, Botz stoneware glazes are highly recommended for tableware and vases. Layer different Botz stoneware glazes together for interesting and diverse effects. Also, try using Botz Stoneware glazes in conjunction with Botz Plus 29020 and fire at 1150°C for beautiful fluxed effects.

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