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Botz Engobes: Grey 800ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Botz Engobes: Grey 800ml ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

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Botz Engobes: Grey 200ml Botz Engobes Use like a decorating slip, or underglaze colour, Botz Engobes can be applied to leather hard and dry clay, and can be used for all-over coating or for design work, either painted with a brush or applied with a slip trailer. Thicker applications create raised relief on the clay surface. Un-glazed they are matt texture, for a brighter, developed colour apply a clear transparent glaze. Firing range 900°C I 1100°C Visit this link for the latest Botz catalogue. Apply 2-3 coats with a brush or on unfired clay either leather-hard or dry, or on bisque. If unglazed engobes fire to a matt texture For bright and intense colour, glaze with 29106 transparent. Great for marbling technique, drip slightly diluted engobes onto each other on soaked biscuit fired or leather-hard clay Perfect also for Sgraffito technique Can be mixed with glaze 29450 (30% Engobe, 70% glaze) for a silky matt surface with tiny black dots (apply 3 coats) Can be used as a casting slip for small objects: fire at 1050°C. Firing range 900°C I 1100°C

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